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 Wholesale: Pre-Packs and Demo Kits
Buying Pre-Packs helps youe save time on large orders of the North American Series.
Complete Kits - The bug body, wing and circuit with a 110-volt AC adapter. This is everything you need for an initial purchase.

Add-on Kits - The bug body, wing and circuit with a "Y" plug instead of an AC adapter. With the Add-on kit you can string from one to three add-on kits to one complete butterfly and its AC adapter to create consecutive wing-flapping using only one electrical plug outlet.

Demo Kits - Small discounted kit so your customers can see how the butterflies work. It is recommended to place a few butterflies around your cash registers and in waiting areas in particular. The most effective displays use different butterfly species. This increases sales by enticing the customer with visual choices.

Pre-Packs of Kits - Pre-packs are in recommended quantities of different species of butterflies and moths. Increase customer appeal with proven favorites.

Individual Kit Packaging:
All kits come in a clear plastic window package of the size: 7.4"x9.5"x2.1". The package helps protect the insect replica’s somewhat delicate wings from premature wear and tear. Every kit comes with a punch-hole in the top center of the packaging so that it can be hung from a wall rack.
DEMO KIT* - 3 Total Count
(includes 1 complete kit and 2 add-on kits)
1 Monarch Complete Kit
1 Blue Morpho Add-on Kit
1 Swallowtail Add-on Kit
Price: $39.00
SMALL PRE-PACK - 24 Total Count
Wholesale Price: $354.00
(includes 20 complete kits and 4 add-on kits)
5 Blue Morpho Complete Kits
1 Blue Morpho Add-on Kit
1 Clodius Complete Kit
2 Dog Face Complete Kits
6 Monarch Complete Kits
2 Monarch Add-on Kits
3 Painted Lady Complete Kits
3 Swallow Tail Complete Kits
1 Swallow Tail Add-on Kit
Price: $354.00
MEDIUM PRE-PACK - 44 Total Count
Wholesale Price: $651.00
(includes 38 complete kits and 6 add-on kits)
10 Blue Morpho Complete Kits
2 Clodius Complete Kits
3 Dogface Complete Kits
12 Monarch Complete Kits
6 Painted Lady Complete Kits
5 Swallowtail Complete Kits
1 Blue Morpho Add-on Kit
1 Clodius Add-on Kit
1 Dogface Add-on Kit
1 Monarch Add-on Kit
1 Painted Lady Add-on Kit
1 Swallowtail Add-on Kit
Price: $651.00
LARGE PRE-PACK - 64 Total Count
Wholesale Price: $942.00
(includes 52 complete kits and 12 add-on kits)
14 Blue Morpho Complete Kits
3 Clodius Complete Kits
4 Dogface Complete Kits
14 Monarch Complete Kits
9 Painted Lady Complete Kits
8 Swallowtail Complete Kits
2 Blue Morpho Add-on Kits
2 Clodius Add-on Kits
2 Dogface Add-on Kits
2 Monarch Add-on Kits
2 Painted Lady Add-on Kits
2 Swallowtail Add-on Kits
Price: $942.00
* Demo kit sales are limited to two per customer per year.

Min. $150 Order
Single Delivery Location
Lowest Prices Available!

Drop ship:
No Minimum Order
Flexible Delivery Locations
We'll ship them to your customers for you!

Drop ship for Convenient Hassle-Free Sales:
Because of popular demand we now offer drop ship service to customers with an approved wholesale account at an average of 30% below suggested retail for complete and add-on kits. Drop ship is how any approved wholesale customer can place an order for under the $150 minimum. Drop shipping is good for companies that want us to delivery orders of products to their customers directly instead of the company having to reshipping them to their customers. People involved in one-on-one catalog sales may also find this useful to expand their sales offerings without having to increase their physical inventory.

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